About Littmus Steampunk Band

The Littmus Steampunk Band

The Littmus Steampunk Band are a band of castoffs let go from around the world. Always keeping an eye out for any easy pickings that may come their way. Occasionally having to move on if the authorities get wind of them.The band is currently made up of:

The Red Gentleman: Guitar, Vocals and Songwriter

Mungo Stoker: Guitar

Harbottle Grimstone: Percussion, Ukulele

The Great Ozwald: Bass

Ruby Snow: Burlesque Dancer and Backing vocals


Grand Hotel, The latest Cd from Littmus Steampunk Band

And as The Littmus Steampunk Band, together they make music. Music for the masses to enjoy. Music to bring people close to them. Music to challenge even the hardiest of souls.

Watch and hear them at your peril.


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