The Red Gentleman ( Acoustic Guitar, Main Vocals and Songwriter) :
Your narrator and an inveterate gambler and con-man who travels the world by wooing people with music to be able to keep up his bad habits. Money is always needed and nothing is ever done by him without a benefit to his wallet. He is well dressed and always keeps a deck of cards close at hand.

Harbottle Grimstone ( Congas, Ukelele)
An explorer that travels deep and darkest Africa, not looking for the origins of man but looking for the origins
of robots as he is convinced that they arrived first on this planet and that humans were a by-product of weird experiments that they would conduct.

Sgt Mungo Stoker ( Guitar)
Our airship engineer and all-round good guy. Was found by Harbottle Grimstone in a large mansion living in the Gobi Desert by himself.
Has a way with all things mechanical and the things he does with watch gears would make your eyes tear up. With his rugged good looks
and derring do the women all flock around him.

Miss Ruby Snow (Burlesque Dancer and Backing Vocals)

Miss Ruby Snow is a Sky Pirate Queen and Burlesque dancer of great renown. She has traveled the world plundering mens wallets with the greatest of ease. Over the years she has settled down a little bit and is now a reformed Sky Pirate Queen (yeah right). She has been quoted as saying though that men are just puddles under her pirate boots. Make of that what you will.

Sir Mathew Cogsmith (Drums) 

Sir Matthew Cogsmith, who goes under the name of "The Watchmaker". He has recently arrived in the land of Australia from Europe where he was the watchmaker for European royalty.He was very influential in the royal circles and has made many subtle changes to European politics over the years that you were probably unaware of.

Past Members of Littmus Steampunk Band

The Widowmaker ( Backing Vocals and Percussion) :

A professional widow seems an unlikely job description but here she is in all her glory. No-one knows how many husbands and lovers she has buried, but she is always on the lookout for more. She is single at the moment but watch her eyes, they may be on you.

Commander J ( Bass) :
A disgraced Airship pilot who was discharged from the Albion Empire’s Air-navy. During the Alwenna War she was accused of not only killing the enemy but also of shooting down her own airships if she felt inclined, for there is money to be made on both sides of the battlefield. She now flies the airlanes as a freelance, an airship pilot for hire.